why it's safe


Uptime is very near 100%. We do occasionally work on the server for kernel patches or routine maintenance - but this is rare and usually scheduled on weekends or late at night.


There are two backup systems, both of which run nightly:

  • First, your entire repository is mirrored to a separate server.
  • Second, a *.tgz file is created that you can download yourself through the web for your own backup.


The servers run Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0, and all software is kept up to date with Red Hat's latest security patches.

Each repository runs cvs as its own system user, and and only that user has access to the repository files.


By default, cvs traffic has about the same level of security as an FTP connection. If you prefer a more secure connection,

(There is a dummy shell provided for each repository for secure tunnelling of the cvs traffic. These shells don't let you run commands however, and only the versionhost and data center staff have command line access to the machines.)

Instructions for encrypting your cvs connection is sent on signup in your welcome email.

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