what you get

If you're looking for private CVS hosting, you've come to the right place. Versionhost will host your CVS pserver for a flat monthly rate. Your account comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, and you pay no setup fees.

Personal Plan
$20/month or $200/year; 1-3 users

Standard Plan
$30/month or $300/year; up to 10 users

Unlimited Plan
$50/month or $500/year; unlimited users

Open Source Plan
$10/month or $100/year; unlimited users

The open source plan is the same as the unlimited plan, but at a much lower price. The only catch is your project must fall under an open source license. (Open source subscriptions are subject to verification, and may take 24 hours to set up.)

All plans include:

  • 1GB disk space
  • multiple projects (modules) inside your repository
  • ViewCVS software for browsing your files
  • control panel for managing users
  • optional anonymous access
  • optional read-only users
  • downloadable tarballs generated nightly
  • unlimited email support

By the way, we can also import your existing repository! Just email it to us when you sign up.

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